Mine Games

Welcome to the Mine Games website. Visit my server at mc.minegames.us

The premise of this server is that you go on a whole story line of quests and level up and get better loot and once you are at least a level 100 you can enter the Mine Games. In the Mine Games is the hardest quests ever. You can choose to enter at level 100 or get better amour and/or weapons.

When you start you can choose a race (like Elf) and a class (like Archer). There are NPC Traders, teleporters, and questers.

This Server is brand new and the map is still being built, but the lobby is open to the public so you can do some parkour in the lobby or just check to see if any of the map is available to play.

I estimate that in about a two months  (from February 27th. I just updated this post. Sorry, I haven’t been working on the server for a while) there will be some quests done for everyone to play and then more quest will continue to be added after that.

I will post the progress of the server as I update and work on it.

Pineapple Mod

All the Pineapple Mod does is add Pineapples that spawn naturally and a recipe for a pineapple treat.

Mod made with Linkseyi’s mod maker.

To download go to (%appdata%) – (.minecraft) – (mods) and (put the zip) folder in the (mods) folder.

Minecraft 1.5.2

Official Pineapple Mod v0.05-MC1.5.2


Pineapple Mod v0.2 MC1.5.2

Minecraft 1.6.2

Official Pineapple Mod v1.0-MC1.6.2

 This mod will not be updated. I will make new mods later on (that will be made by coding java) that will be updated.